9h: introduction of the Day

9h15: Biological Session

  • Mechanistic Insights in Stromal Cell Therapy for Musculoskeletal Diseases  ̶   Dr Ana Ivanovska, University of Galway, Ireland.
  • Development of a panel of functional tests of mesenchymal stem cells with High Content Screening imaging  ̶ Dr Margot Tertrais, Université de Toulouse, France.
  • Micro-encapsulation of mesenchymal stem cells in alginate hydrogels for osteoarthritis  ̶ Mathilde Ambrosino, Université de Nantes, France.

10h00: Alloreactivity, immune response Session

  • Immunomonitoring of patients from RESPINE clinical trial  ̶  Dr Pascale LOUIS-PLENCE, IRMB Montpellier & Dr Joelle DULONG, SITI Lab, Rennes.
  • Metabolic reprogramming of mesenchymal stromal cells controls their immunoregulatory functions  ̶ Dr Farida DJOUAD, IRMB, Montpellier .


Coffee break

11h: MSV Bioproduction Session

  • Design and improvement of conditions for cell production, cryopreservation, revitalization and transport  ̶ Pr Ana Sanchez, CITOSPIN & Pr Javier García-Sancho University of Valladolid (UVa), Spain.
  • Design of a panel for Phenotypic identification of MSV2 and purification follow-up  ̶  Dr Mercedes Alberca, Citospin, Spain.


11h45: IPSPINE Project  ̶

 Pr Marianna Tryfonidou, Utrecht University, The Netherlands.




14h15: RESPINE Clinical trial  Session

  • Unconventional analysis of clinical data in RESPINE and other previous clinical assays  ̶  Dr Margarita Gonzalez Vallinas, CITOSPIN Quality Director and UVa Assistant Professor.
  • RESPINE Project ̶  Pr Christian Jorgensen, Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Montpellier, France.


15h:   MRI Session

  • Spine MRI as predictor of clinical response  ̶  Pr Gianluca Vadalà, Fondazione Policlinico Universitario Campus Bio Medico, Italy.
  • Imaging result in the RESPINE study  ̶  Pr Robet SOLER, Institut De Terapia Regenerativa Tisular, Spain.


15h45: Other Regenerative Medecine Session

  • ATMP quality controls: objectives and issues related to bio manufacturing and market access  ̶   Pr Louis Casteilla, Université de Toulouse, France.
  • iPS as cell therapy: where do we stand  ̶  Pr John Devos, Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Montpellier, France.
  • Extracellular vesicles as biological vectors of information and a novel nanomedicine approach for diseases associated with obesity  ̶  Dr Ramaroson Andriantsitohaina, CNRS, France.


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